Student Research Opportunities & Funding

Summer Studentships

Are you an undergraduate student interested in research? A summer studentship offers an excellent opportunity to gain valuable research experience, without disrupting your studies. This list is maintained by the Faculty of Medicine Research Office. Application deadlines are typically in the winter, though they do vary. Please be aware that you must secure a faculty supervisor before applying.

Graduate Diploma in Health Research

The Graduate Diploma in Health Research (G.Dip.H.R.), will be offered by the Institute of Medical Science (IMS) in the Faculty of Medicine (FOM) starting January 2019.

The purpose of the Diploma is to provide accepted applicants high quality training in health research in order to understand, interpret and apply the rapid changes in the scientific underpinnings of health care. The Diploma specifically targets those future physicians who will need the additional skills necessary to contribute to health-related studies in their future careers and the select group who will become leaders in health research. The application deadline is TBD.

For more information about this program contact Lisa Charrette

Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) Research Awards

PGME Research Awards are designed to provide financial assistance to students engaged in medical research.

The 2019 application deadline is TBD and requires a signature from the Chair of the Department of Medicine. Please forward your application form and research proposal to the Department of Medicine research administrator a minimum of one week prior to the PGME deadline to obtain this signature.

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