Mentorship Facilitators

Terms of Reference

Overview and Role:

Each division within the Department of Medicine will have a divisional mentorship facilitator. The mentorship facilitator will be a senior, impartial, and trusted individual who will facilitate the mentee/mentor relationship within the division. The divisional facilitator may not necessarily belong to the division that he/she is the mentorship facilitator for. The role of the mentorship facilitator is to assist physicians-in-chief and department division directors in recommending and maintaining mentoring relationships for faculty members. The mentorship facilitator is the first point of contact for the establishment of new mentor/mentee pairings, and also the go-to person should any challenges arise within these relationships.


  • Facilitate matching between mentees and mentors
  • Provide support to mentors/mentees on their relationship
  • Establish local system for documenting and tracking these pairs
  • Be a point of contact for any issues that may arise
  • Provide feedback to mentors and mentees as needed
  • Collect data-process and outcome (e.g. are meetings taking place, what is covered in these meetings, satisfaction, problems, etc.)
  • Attend mentoring seminars and workshops
  • Attend regular department-wide meetings of all mentorship facilitators

We are accepting applications from full-time clinical faculty members for this role in several divisions.  Please contact for more information.


Division Mentorship Facilitator Email
Cardiology Louise Harris
Cardiology Eric Cohen
Emergency Medicine Joel Yaphe
Endocrinology and Metabolism Gillian Booth
Geriatrics Paula Rochon
General Internal Medicine Ed Etchells
Hematology Ian Quirt
Infectious Diseases Sharon Walmsley
Medical Oncology Ron Burkes
Nephrology Martin Schreiber
Neurology Anthony Strafella
Physical Medicine and Rehabiliatation Nora Cullen
Respirology Liz Tullis
Rheumatology Mary Bell

If your division is not listed above, please contact your Department Division Director for assistance related to Mentorship.