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Person-Centred Care EducationBryn Ludlow. All the stones, 2019. Digital collage

The portfolio of Culture and Inclusion evolved from the previous portfolio of Mentorship, Equity and Diversity, which was established in November 2015 to support the recruitment and retention of our excellent faculty through mentorship, increasing faculty diversity to reflect our population, and ensuring a safe and professional work environment.

Building on the amazing work done by the former Vice-Chair, Dr. Sharon Straus, the new portfolio has broadened to support the creation of an inclusive culture across our Department where all members feel a strong sense of belonging and where the diversity of our lived experiences are recognized and valued. Our goal is to ensure a culture of respect which supports the wellbeing of all members and upholds excellence in many forms. The portfolio contains three sub-portfolios and a faculty lead will be appointed in each area in the fall of 2020.

  1. Mentorship: We will continue to ensure that strong mentorship is received by members of our Department across their careers through the mentorship facilitator program and formal mentorship workshops. We will also introduce innovative models to support the recruitment, retention, career and leadership development of learners and faculty from groups who are underrepresented in medicine. As with all new undertakings in the Department, we are committed to evaluating the programs through qualitative and quantitative methods.
  2. Equity: Our Department is committed to health equity and high quality, equitable care. We seek to do so through education, research and quality improvement, as well as through the care that we provide. We have made huge progress in our Department with respect to gender equity, and will continue with interventions in this area.  In addition, we will expand programs to support the health and wellbeing of learners, staff, faculty and patients from groups who are underrepresented in medicine such as those from Black and Indigenous communities, people with disabilities and the LGBTQ2S+ community.   Examples of specific initiatives in this area include the Black and Indigenous application stream for our Core Internal Medicine Residency training program as well as allyship and anti-racism workshops for leaders, learners, staff and faculty.
  3. Wellness: This area is a new addition to the portfolio.  In response to data from our surveys, we look forward to supporting the wellbeing of all of our members through various means such as access to physician health programs. We are also working with the Faculty of Medicine and Toronto Academic Health Sciences Network to make the wellbeing of health care providers a priority across institutions.    

We invite department members to engage with us in any of the foregoing areas so that we can work together to ensure our department remains a supportive environment for all learners, staff and faculty. If there is anyone interested in being involved with any of this work, including any related research please email us.

Note on the artwork: All the stones is a digital collage by Bryn Ludlow. Bryn Ludlow is an artist and PhD candidate (ABD) in the York and Ryerson Joint Program in Communication and Culture at York University. She is interested in exploring the cross-pollination of the arts and health in technology and communication studies. 

Artist's statement: "This is a digital collage of two abstract acrylic paintings that I painted with my feet, and a vector illustration of a human figure. I started painting with my feet in 2007 as an alternative artistic approach to traditional forms of mindfulness for recovery from PTSD." Bryn Ludlow


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