Emergency Medicine: PD Post October

Shout out to our mentors!
Oct 4 / 2017

Emergency Medicine: Dr. Sam Sabbah Faculty Promotion

We are extremely delighted to congratulate Dr. Sam Sabbah (UHN) on his promotion to assistant professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto.
Oct 4 / 2017

Dr. Ho Ping Kong featured in the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa

Dr. Ho Ping Kong and the Harvey mannequin will be part of the Canada Science and Technology Museum, set to open in Ottawa in November 2017. They will be featured in the Medical Sensations installation that will explore the world of medicine through the five senses, and how human and technological sensations shape medical culture.
Oct 3 / 2017

André Picard, UofTMed Researchers on Insulin and Future of Diabetes

André Picard joined leading U of T
Oct 2 / 2017
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