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Feb 10, 2017

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Director, Undergraduate Medical Education


Undergraduate Medical Education is a vital function within the Department of Medicine. The Department is the largest individual contributor to the education of medical students in the Faculty of Medicine, both in numbers of participating faculty and teaching hours. Student evaluations of its clinical clerkships are consistently the highest rated. While most of the pre-clerkship Foundation Curriculum is structured inter-departmentally on the basis of courses, a large proportion of both the leadership and the teaching faculty in the Foundation Curriculum originates from the Department. The Year 3 Block and LInC and Year 4 Selective Internal Medicine clerkships are directly and Departmentally run, with overarching responsibility for curriculum development, teaching, and evaluation of students.


The Director of Undergraduate Medical Education for the Department of Medicine oversees all educational activities with the Internal Medicine Year 3 and Year 4 clinical clerkships. This includes direction and guidance for curriculum delivery, curriculum innovation, curriculum change, organizational structure, teaching, evaluation, and educational scholarship. The Director represents the Department at Faculty venues, such as the Clerkship Committee, the Board of Examiners, and at national venues such as the Clerkship Group at the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada. The Director will also represent Departmental issues as they arise in the pre-clerkship years, although much of this educational activity is inter-departmental and course based.


  • To provide a welcoming and open-door resource to MD Program students at the University of Toronto
  • To oversee curriculum delivery, innovation, and renewal in the Internal Medicine clerkships, and in Foundation Curriculum courses where Department input is appropriate, and to contribute to wider Faculty efforts in these domains
  • To oversee evaluation in the Internal Medicine clerkships, in concert with the evaluation coordinator
  • To represent the Department at Board of Examiners meetings at the Faculty and oversee and implement remediation of students when appropriate
  • To optimize and implement electronic examination and evaluation systems within the Internal Medicine clerkships
  • To oversee and report on Faculty Evaluations in the Internal Medicine Clerkships
  • To represent the Department at the faculty meetings with respect to other MD Program education issues that arise at Clerkship Committee and other ad hoc venues, such as the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship Committee and at new clinical sites.
  • To oversee and foster educational scholarship within Undergraduate Medicine in the Department and in particular, to prioritize this activity at the Departmental Clinical Clerkship Committee in concert with the departmental Educational Scholarship Director
  • To chair the Departmental Clinical Clerkship Committee
  • To guide and foster the educational professional development of members of the University Clinical Clerkship Committee
  • To ensure that the MD Program activity fosters and enhances the Departmental Strategic Plan, and to work closely and collaboratively with the Vice -Chair of Education, other Directors, and Educational Executive to enhance the Departmental efforts in education
  • To enhance the national presence and visibility of the Department in Undergraduate Medical Education through representation and activity at the Clerkship Group at the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada

Reporting Relationships:

At the Department: to the Vice-Chair, Education, and the Chair, Department of Medicine.
At the Faculty of Medicine: to the Director, Foundation Curriculum; the Director, Clerkship; and the Vice-Dean, M.D. Program.

Duration: Five years (renewable)
Reporting frequency: formal report annually
Compensation: $40,000 per annum from the U of T DoM (paid via Practice Plans)

Please forward your application no later than March 15, 2017 addressed to Dr. Kumagai via email to clare.mitchell@utoronto.ca

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