Faculty of Medicine Call for Nominations: External Education and Teaching Awards

May 27, 2017



This message is from the Office of the Vice Deans, Faculty of Medicine:

Nominations due 5 PM, Saturday May 27, 2017

Every spring and fall, our Faculty's Education and Teaching Awards Committee recognizes individuals who are making significant contributions to medical education.

Faculty members who are demonstrating excellence in teaching, education scholarship and leadership in education, are recognized for their contributions by supporting their nomination to a diverse selection of awards.

At this time, we welcome internal nominations for the following future awards:

Early Career Achievement

Career Achievement / Sustained Excellence Awards

Equity, Diversity & Gender Award

Innovation Award

Mentorship Award

Collaboration Award

Program Development (Incorporating CanMEDS Roles into a Health-Related Training Program)

Here is the list of Previous Recipients. More information about external awards can also be found on our website.

To make a nomination, please use the electronic nomination form.

Please note: to ensure sufficient lead time for adjudication and preparation of nomination dossiers, the internal nomination deadlines are set well in advance of deadlines for final submission.

Please submit online nomination forms and supporting documentation by 5 PM on Saturday, May 27, 2017.

This deadline will be strictly observed and late nominations will not be accepted. Supporting documentation should be submitted electronically to medicine.awards@utoronto.ca.

For more information about these awards, please contact the Office of the Education Vice-Deans at medicine.awards@utoronto.ca or 416-946-3921. 


Office of the Education Vice-Deans
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