Emergency Medicine: Resident Awards

Resident Academic Day Awards

The Division of Emergency Medicine presents two Resident Academic Day Awards:

Best Oral Presentation

Awarded to a resident who demonstrates the strongest communicator and professional CANMEDS competencies in their presentation (award is $150 cash.)


Year Recipient
2007-08 Dr. Alina Toma


Dr. Christopher Hicks
2005-06 Dr. David Lendrum
2004-05 Dr. David Lendrum
2003-04 Dr. Marilyn Innes
2002-03 Dr. Sara Gray
2001-02 Dr. Christopher Denny
2000-01 Dr. Dale Ryan
1999-00 Dr. Sara Gray
1998-99 Dr. Kelly Keogh
1997-98 Dr. Dan Turner

Best Original Research

Awarded to a resident who demonstrates the strongest scholar and medical expert competencies in their research (award is $250 cash.) 


Year Recipient
2007-08 Dr. Christopher Hicks
2006-07 Dr. Carolyn Snider
2005-06 Dr. Jordan Chenkin
2004-05 Dr. Leah Watson
2003-04 Dr. Jonathan Sherbino
2002-03 Dr. Sanjay Mehta
2001-02 Dr. Nicole Tenn-Lyn
2000-01 Dr. Fernando Teixeira
1999-00 Dr. Jason Frank
1998-99 Dr. Christopher Denny
1997-98 Dr. Ivy Cheng

Most Significant Contribution to Academic Emergency Medicine Award



Year Recipient
2007-08 Dr. Jordan Chenkin
2006-07 Dr. David Lendrum
2005-06 Dr. Rishi Ghosh
2004-05 Dr. Jonathan Sherbino
2003-04 Dr. Michael Feldman
2002-03 Dr. Nicole Tenn-Lynn
2001-02 Dr. Jonathan Sherbino
2000-01 Dr. Christopher Denny
1999-00 Dr. Fernando Teixeira
1998-99 Dr. Michelle Welsford
1997-98 Dr. Christopher Denny

Division of Emergency Medicine Resident Travel/Conference Support

In order to encourage residents to prepare and present scientific abstracts at national and international conferences, the Division of Emergency Medicine is providing limited financial support to residents whose work has been accepted for presentation.


  1. PGY 1-5 residents in the Division of Emergency Medicine are eligible to apply.
  2. Only scientific abstracts that have been submitted and undergone a formal peer-reviewed process leading to their being accepted for presentation at a conference are eligible (i.e. non peer-reviewed abstracts, and non-abstract presentations such as presentations in conference tracks, invited presentations, participation in panels, satellite symposia etc. are not eligible).
  3. Only abstracts presented at national or international scientific conferences in a subject matter related to emergency medicine are eligible. Approved conferences include CAEP, SAME, ACEP, ICER. Additional conferences may be eligible for consideration.
  4. Applicants must be both an author and the presenter of the abstract. If an abstract is withdrawn or the resident does not present it for any reason it will be deemed ineligible.
  5. The same abstract (or very similar abstract based on the same body of work) can only be eligible once for support.
  6. A resident may only receive travel/conference support once per year.


  1. Support will be $1000 for oral presentations and $750 for poster presentations/ SIM Particiaption.


  1. Travel/conference support will be reviewed biannually. Applications for support are due by June 30th of each academic year.
  2. Residents must provide copies of the letter of acceptance of the abstract(s) following conference peer-review, a copy of the abstract(s), and a conference program confirming the presentation, and a completed Travel Award/Support Request Form and DOM Finance Form.
  3. Decisions on awards and the interpretation of these rules will be made by the divisional director, the program director, and Scholarly Committee. All decisions are final.

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